The Relationship between Prozac and Weight Loss

Prozac and Weight Loss – for many people, gaining weight is so easy. Meanwhile, losing it is extremely difficult even if there are already many efforts to do. There are some healthy but cliché tips indeed. Those are exercising regularly and consuming only good foods with low carbohydrate and fat. Well, are those ways really effective? Actually, it is yes although the effects may be different from one to another depending on their seriousness in doing this program as well as their initial body condition. For those people who are not patient, doing such healthy lifestyles are much tiring. Despite they need to spare time for exercise, they are also not allowed to eat delicious foods like cake or sugary beverage. Based on that fact, the alternative is by consuming supplement for weight loss including Prozac. If you are also some of the people who are interested in Prozac, you must know the detailed explanation about this drug. Here they are.

How does Prozac work?

Prozac is basically a kind of anti-depressant. It is made into prescription to relieve the depression and other mental problems. Some of the problems that are healed by Prozac are obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and dysphoric pre-menstrual disorder. Meanwhile, it is also commonly applied by the patients who try to stop smoking. Prozac is also categorized as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor that is able to influence the neurotransmitter. If this is an anti-depressant drug, how can we use it as a way to lose weight? It is due to the side effect of consuming this drug actually. Yes, one of the side effects is drastic weight lose. Besides, many Prozac users also find their appetite is decreased drastically after consuming this product. Therefore, there is actually not something wrong to consume this drug for losing weight. Yes, you can just find your body slimmer even without doing too many attempts.

Is Prozac safe to be consumed?

Of course, since it is already known that Prozac is for anti-depressant not for diet, you must be really careful when consuming it. In fact, it works like alcohol and other drugs make your mental condition feel better. This is probably something that you will experience after consuming Prozac rather than finding your weight is automatically lessened. Fortunately, using this drug to lose weight is still allowed for some reasons. But of course, you cannot just buy the drugs freely. Make sure that you consult your condition at first to a doctor or nutritionist. There are some doctors that give a prescription of Prozac but with some requirements. If your condition fulfills the requirements, you can just consume it only in a certain period of time.

What are Prozac’s side effects?

Similar to other anti-depressant, there are some warnings you must know. Overconsumption of this drug can give you some side effects including nausea, drowsiness, aggressiveness, and some changes of mental functions. It is despite the side effect of losing weight itself. The doctor plays the most important role whether you need to consume it or not. Yes, for those risks, Prozac cannot be consumed randomly. So, this is the relationship between Prozac and weight loss.