List of Low Carb Foods for Weight Loss

The List of Low Carb Foods for Weight Loss – Carb or carbohydrate is a sort of nutrition that is found from many foods and beverages in the form of flour and sugar. That’s why; the excess of carbohydrate is really possible to be happened by remembering those are what to be consumed by people daily. Meanwhile, diet by lessening the consumption of carbohydrate is considered the best one. It is even better than lessening the fat consumption. However, there are surely some requirements to be obeyed when you want to apply this diet. Considering your daily activities is important since carbohydrate is also one of the main energy sources.

The Guidelines of Low-Carb Diet

There is no special definition of low-carbohydrate diet. It is only about how to consume carbohydrate less than usual. Generally, healthy adults are suggested to consume carbohydrate from 300 to 400 grams per day. While doing the diet, the carbohydrate is lessened a half or around 150-200 per day. As it has been mentioned above, lessening carbohydrate consumption can just be done freely as you want. You must make sure that you don’t do any high-intense activities. Yes, carbohydrate is the source of energy when it is already burnt. In other words, low-carbohydrate diet is not really needed when you do so many activities in a day. Besides, consuming normal amount of carbohydrate is not bad if you have a habit of exercising regularly. Another thing to know is that carbohydrate plays many important roles for our body despite as the result of energy. Carbohydrate is important to keep the body metabolism run smoothly. That’s why, less carbohydrate means the decrease of metabolism. Besides, it can also lessen the muscle mass.

The List of Low Carb Foods to Consume&lt

Losing much amount of carbohydrate is not really good for your body although the purpose is for diet. That’s why, you must also think about foods with less carbohydrate but more protein to replace the carbohydrate as an energy source. Here is the list of food ingredients with less carbohydrate but high protein that you can consume.
· Red meat,
· Chicken,
· Fishes,
· Seafood,
· Egg,
· Nuts,
· Dairy products.
Those foods are not only containing high level of protein. A good thing about those foods is about giving you the feeling of full. So, you can arrange their consumptions so that you can still be healthy but also not feeling hungry due to the lack of carbohydrate. Meanwhile, it is recommended also to consume foods with healthy fat; they are:
· Milk,
· Coconut oil,
· Butter
· Cheese.
Low- Carbohydrate diet also does not mean that you must not eat any carbohydrate at all. You only need to lessen them. The foods that must be avoid are those which use flour and sugar as the main ingredients like pizza, burger, cake, bread, and some sweet beverages. For the snacks, it is better to replace those foods with fruits and vegetables below.
· Broccoli,
· Tomato,
· Cauliflower,
· Eggplant,
· Cucumber,
· Spinach,
· Orange,
· Berries,
· Avocado,
· And many other kinds of fruits.
For daily consumption, make sure to combine some of the foods on the list of low carb foods for weight loss above.